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Revealed details of the first “smart” Google watch, which will be released in 2022

Information has surfaced on the network, judging by which the device is being developed under the codename “Rohan”. The Pixel team is responsible for creating the watch, not Fitbit, as many believed. There is still no clear understanding of whether Google will call the new product Pixel Watch or decide to launch a new line, as was the case with Google Home in the case of “smart” speakers.

The watch is expected to receive basic fitness tracking features, including step counting and heart rate tracking. The search giant is also working on integrating Fitbit into Wear OS.

At the moment, the estimated date for the release of the wearable gadget from Google is spring 2022. If this is the case, then the company will either hold a separate event to present the device, or shift the Google Pixel 6a announcement from August to spring and will show the public the conditional Pixel Watch with it.

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