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Online Gaming: How Online Gaming is Redefining Career Paths and Income Streams

Online gaming is not just a hobby but has become a source of income for many people, akin to any other job. In this regard, both men and women are proving to be equally proficient. The increasing craze for gaming has led to a significant boost in revenue for the government, with recent GST collections from online gaming amounting to Rs 3,470 crore.

The perception of gaming in the country is evolving, with it being recognized not only as a pastime but also as a viable career option for many. The government is reaping benefits from this trend as well. Surprisingly, according to the HP Gaming Landscape Study survey, 63% of gamers are interested in pursuing gaming as a career, with 6 out of 10 gamers earning more than Rs 6 lakh annually. Here’s a breakdown of the findings from the report.

In the October-December 2023 quarter alone, GST revenue from online gaming reached Rs 3,470 crore, marking a significant increase from the Rs 605 crore collected in the previous quarter.

Changing Perceptions: Parents’ Views on Gaming

The HP Gaming Landscape Study 2023 survey, which included 3,000 gamers across 15 cities, shed light on aspirations, opportunities, and ambitions within the gaming industry. The survey also explored parents’ attitudes toward gaming. Many parents now view gaming as a viable source of income, while an increasing number of individuals are considering eSports as a career option. In fact, 52% of gamers from North India expressed their desire to participate in eSports competitions. This shift indicates a societal recognition of gaming as not just entertainment but also a legitimate career path. 47% of the parents surveyed believe that gaming can provide a good source of income.

Earning Opportunities in Gaming

Gaming companies offer substantial prize money for winning tournaments, turning playing video games into a profession in India. Participants in national and international competitions can earn anywhere from Rs 5 lakh to 20 lakh per tournament. Moreover, live streaming of online gaming has become popular, attracting viewers and advertisers, thereby generating significant income in a short span of time.

Annual Income Statistics

Gaming offers various opportunities beyond competition, including content creation and game development. Approximately 58% of gamers earning from gaming report an average annual income of more than Rs 6 lakh. Gaming as a career not only meets economic needs but also challenges social stereotypes, opening doors to numerous opportunities in the sector. However, establishing a career in the gaming industry is not without its challenges, prompting 61% of North Indian gamers to actively seek skill development opportunities.

Embracing Gaming as a Career

As the gaming landscape evolves, North India stands at the cusp of a new era, where dreams are realized, and passion transforms into a lucrative career option. In this digital age, anyone with gaming skills can become a professional gamer, turning what was once a dream into reality. The majority of gamers now earn through online gaming tournaments and live streaming.

Pathways to Becoming a Professional Gamer

For those interested in pursuing gaming as a career, numerous online and offline courses are available to develop gaming skills. Additionally, starting a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming can also be lucrative. Many gamers earn by live streaming their gameplay on YouTube. Furthermore, participating in national and international tournaments is another pathway to success.

Participating in Gaming Tournaments

Numerous online gaming tournaments are held at both national and international levels, offering earning opportunities akin to traditional sports. Interested individuals can register for these tournaments through the respective company’s website. For example, Garena Free Fire eSports Tournament and Evo Japan 2024 are currently organizing gaming tournaments. To participate, simply visit the tournament’s website, register, and choose your preferred game. All necessary information, including the tournament schedule and rules, is available on the website.

Top 7 gamers of the country?

1. Naman Mathur

  • Subscribers-70 lakhs
  • Channel Create-September 2013
  • video-2058
  • Views-132 Cr

2. Animesh Agarwal

  • Subscribers-105 lakhs
  • Channel Create-July, 2018
  • video-727
  • Views-13.03Cr

3. Mithilesh Patankar

  • Subscribers-146 lakhs
  • Channel Create-July, 2018
  • video-391
  • Views-337Cr

4. Payal Dhaare

  • Subscribers-369 lakhs
  • Channel Create-July, 2018
  • video-811
  • Views-36.45Cr

5. Ganesh Gangadhar

  • Subscribers-146 lakhs
  • Channel Create-July, 2018
  • video-391
  • Views-2.43Cr

6. Anshu Bisht

  • Subscribers-158 lakhs
  • Channel Create-January, 2017
  • video-602
  • Views-31.32Cr

7. Tirtha Mehta

  • Got bronze medal in 2018 Asian Games
  • Got a medal in the online digital card game Hearthstone



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