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PlayStation 5 Pro: The Game-Changing Upgrade You Need to Know About”

For months, rumors have circulated on the internet about the PlayStation 5 Pro, an upgraded model of Sony’s latest console. While the corporation has remained silent, insiders have confirmed the existing information.

According to sources at The Verge, active preparations are underway for the launch of the PS5 Pro. The premiere is expected to occur before the end of 2024, and the company has requested developers to ensure their games are compatible with the Pro version of the fifth PlayStation. New product kits are being distributed upon request.


Journalists have also confirmed previously leaked information about the console’s characteristics, codenamed Trinity. It will feature a more powerful chip and CPU compared to the standard PlayStation 5, capable of operating at an increased frequency of 3.85 GHz. Developers will have the option to choose between a standard processor mode (3.5 GHz) or an accelerated mode.

Sony suggests that the PS5 Pro will be “approximately 45% faster” at rendering images. With an updated graphics chip, faster system memory, and an advanced ray tracing architecture, it will also be three times faster at ray tracing tasks.

Additionally, the Pro will introduce its own DLSS and FSR counterpart called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). This technology aims to replace other upscaling technologies. Here are the full specs, according to Digital Foundry:

Processor: 8 cores, 16 threads, Zen 2, 3.5/3.8 GHz (regular PS5: 8 cores, 16 threads, Zen 2, 3.5 GHz) GPU: RNDA 3, 60 compute units (RDNA 2, 36 CU) TFLOPs/GPU clock: 33.5 teraflops, 2.18 GHz (10.23 teraflops, 2.23 GHz) Memory GDDR6: 16 GB, 18 Gbps (16 GB, 14 Gbps) Memory capacity and bandwidth: 256-bit, 576 GB/s (256-bit, 448 GB/s) Game memory: 13.7 GB (12.5 GB)

Interestingly, Sony has begun cracking down on such leaks, albeit belatedly. YouTube has blocked a video from the Moore’s Law Is Dead channel, where an insider discussed the console’s specifications. It is likely that the company was displeased with the use of closed presentation slides in the video.


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