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Xpeng Unveils Futuristic sci-fi Flying Car

At first glance, this vehicle resembles a supercar from a sci-fi movie, until the rotors emerge from inside it, retracting into the rear just like the roof of a convertible car.

Xpeng’s subsidiary AeroHT is inching closer to introducing its first flying car to the market. Pre-orders for this flying car are anticipated to commence in the fourth quarter of the year, marking a significant milestone in China’s transportation sector. However, details such as the launch date and price have been kept under wraps for now. In addition to the design renders, the hardware specifications are also being kept secret at present. AeroHT has been developing this flying car over several years, progressing through various phases of development and conducting periodic tests.

According to He Xiaopeng, co-founder and CEO of Xpeng, AeroHT’s eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle is nearing airworthiness certification. The company believes that this eVTOL vehicle, commonly known as a flying car, will revolutionize transportation. While Xiaopeng mentioned that they are approaching airworthiness certification, no specific timeline has been provided for the vehicle’s launch, nor has any indication been given regarding its price.

During a media briefing at Auto China 2024 in Beijing, the CEO highlighted that the electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle will enhance people’s lives by providing an additional option for public transportation.

AeroHT embarked on the development of its flying car a decade ago, creating prototypes such as XPENG T1, XPENG X1, and XPENG X2, each designed for different purposes and featuring distinct designs. The company’s latest eVTOL flying vehicle takes the form of a car with foldable rotors installed. As the pre-order period approaches, more details about pricing and hardware specifications are expected to be revealed by the company.


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