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Does gold really come out of old TV? Know the truth before you use the hammer

If you have an old TV at home and are thinking of breaking it and throwing it away, hold on. Your old TV might just make you rich. To find out if there’s any truth to the claim that gold comes out of old TVs, read on for the complete details.

Anything can go viral on social media, and people tend to believe anything they see. But what if we told you that breaking your old TV could yield a lot of gold? Imagine breaking open a TV and finding gold inside. There’s currently a video circulating on social media showing gold supposedly coming out of an old TV.

While the video may lead you to believe that you can strike gold by breaking open your old TV, the truth is a bit harder to swallow. Let’s delve into whether gold really comes out of old TVs or if it’s just a ploy to garner likes and comments.

Does Gold Really Come Out of Old Box TVs? The burning question is whether breaking open an old box TV can truly make you rich. Can gold really be extracted from these TVs? Here’s the scoop: if you were to break open your old TV, you’d find all its components exposed. Copper is commonly used to connect these components. Interestingly, the color of copper bears a resemblance to gold. Therefore, the “gold” seen in the viral video could very well be copper.

The Use of Copper in TVs, ACs, and Fans Copper is extensively used to connect electrical components in devices like TVs, ACs, and fans because of its excellent conductivity. Its free electrons facilitate the movement of electricity within the metal, making it an ideal choice for such applications.

The Viral Video on Instagram In the viral video, an individual is depicted breaking open a TV with a hammer. While dismantling the TV, the person claims that older TVs contain more gold. He proceeds to handle all the parts of the TV, alleging that they contain gold. While some viewers mocked the video in the comments, others refuted its claims.

In reality, the substance is not gold; as mentioned earlier, copper is commonly used in electrical products like TVs and ACs. Since copper shares a similar color with gold, the person in the video is likely misrepresenting copper as gold to garner likes and comments. There’s no truth to the claim.


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