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Car AC: Car AC not working properly? Do these things before filling gas

Car Care Tips: Can you travel without AC in the car during summer season? You will say that even this thought scares you because traveling without AC means getting sweaty. This should not happen to you too, so today we will tell you that there is an important task which should be done before filling gas in the car AC, otherwise you may face problems later.

Be it a house or a car, in the summer season, even imagining without AC, you start sweating. In such a situation, just imagine that you are leaving for a trip somewhere and you come to know that the AC of your car is not giving cool air, then you will take the car to the nearest car mechanic. If the AC is not cooling then gas leakage may be the reason behind it, now if the mechanic starts filling the gas then you should first talk to the mechanic and get some important work done.

Now two questions might be arising in your mind, firstly, what is this important work and secondly, will the AC not provide cold cooling without doing this work? Stay with us, today we will answer both these questions in detail.

Before filling the gas, you should consult the mechanic and get the AC condenser cleaned under pressure. Apart from this, if there is leakage from somewhere then that leakage should also be repaired first. Without doing this work, if you fill the gas then it is possible that after some time your car AC will start giving you as much air as the fan installed in the house, in such a situation, to avoid this problem, do not make such a mistake even by mistake.

Car AC Filter: Dirt in the filter

Apart from gas leakage, sometimes AC filter can also be a major reason behind not getting cooling from the car’s AC. The AC filter installed in the house is taken out and cleaned every 10 to 15 days.

But this cannot be done with the AC filter installed in the car, due to which dust starts accumulating in it with time, due to which the cooling reduces. If the cooling has reduced then get the AC filter checked, if the AC filter is bad. If this happens, replace it immediately.

Car Condensor: Problem with condenser

It is not necessary that gas leakage and car AC filter are the only two reasons, even if there is any kind of blockage (dirt and dust) in the condenser of the AC, your car AC will not give you the feeling of cold air.


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