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Bad news! Android Smartphone users can no longer record calls, why? See details

New Delhi: For a long time Android OS Has a feature. Which is lacking in rival OS – iOS. This feature is call recording, not thirty. Some Android users rely on the native call recording feature. So, some have to rely on third party applications available on Play Store. However, call recording on Android will be discontinued soon. But, absolutely not. Google Recently Play Store The policy has been updated with several changes. Which will take effect from May 11. One of the significant changes to the policy will have a major impact on the call recording applications available on the Play Store.

What’s the new Google Play Store policy?

Under Google’s new Play Store policy, accessibility API for remote call audio recording cannot be requested, meaning apps will not be allowed to get call recording. This may mean that Truecaller, Automatic Call Recorder, Cube ACR and other popular apps will not work.

If the phone has this feature you can use it:

If your Android phone’s dialer has a call recording feature by default, you can record a call. Google has revealed that Accessibility Permission is not required for pre-loaded call recording apps or features. If the app is the default dialer on the phone and it is pre-loaded, said a presenter at a webinar hosted by Google. So, accessibility capability is not required to access incoming audio stream and therefore, will not be infringed.

So far, Google’s Pixel and Xiaomi phones come with the default call recorder on their dialer apps. So, if you have a Pixel or Xiaomi phone, you need not panic.

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