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The ship with 4 thousand cars, on which there was a fire, sank in the Atlantic Ocean

The cargo ship Felicity Ace, which caught fire while transporting about 4,000 Volkswagen Group vehicles, sank. According to the ship’s manager, Singaporean operator Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), this happened near the coast of Portugal the day before at about 9:00 local time (12:00 Moscow time). The company also said that rescue teams will remain in the area for some time to monitor the situation.

The ship was transporting about 4 thousand cars, including electric cars, from Germany to the port of Rhode Island (USA), but on February 16 a fire broke out on board and the crew was evacuated. Representatives of the carrier said that there were 189 Bentley cars and a number of Audi cars on the ship. Subsequently, a Porsche spokesman said that there were about 1,100 brand cars on Felicity Ace. The Volkswagen Group also sells cars in the US under the Lamborghini and Volkswagen brands.

The Felicity Ace, engulfed in flames, remained free-floating for several days before fireboats arrived to fight the fire, according to MOL. The vessel was towed to a safe area on 25 February. However, before reaching its destination, Felicity Ace capsized and sank.

The incident happened at a difficult time for the entire global automotive industry. For about two years, the normal operation of the industry was hampered by the negative effects of the pandemic, including a shortage of automotive electronic components and clogged seaports. This caused a decrease in stocks of finished goods around the world, and the prices of machines updated their maximum values.

A source: business insider



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