Thursday, May 30, 2024
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If this certificate is not produced while filling oil at Petrol Pump then a challan of Rs 10,000 will be issued.

A new automatic system is being installed in Pune to identify vehicles without Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates. Vehicular pollution is a growing concern in India, prompting the government to take various measures to address it. In addition to enforcing strict norms, the promotion of green fuels like CNG, LNG, biofuel, ethanol blends, and the adoption of electric vehicles are being encouraged.

Recent reports indicate that an automatic system is being developed in Pune to identify and penalize vehicles without valid PUC certification. PUC certificates demonstrate that vehicles comply with emission standards, thereby contributing to cleaner air by measuring pollutants such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emitted from vehicle exhaust.

How will the system work?

The system will involve the installation of automatic number plate recognition cameras at petrol pumps across Pune. These cameras will scan vehicle registration numbers and cross-reference them with a central database to verify the PUC status of all vehicles. If a vehicle is found to have an expired PUC certificate, the driver will receive an instant fine via SMS on their registered mobile phone.

However, drivers will have a specified window of time to pay the fine, typically lasting for a day or two. This allows them to renew their PUC before being penalized. Although the authorities have not yet announced the system’s implementation date, they state that they are planning to roll it out as soon as possible. Initially, the system will be implemented in Pune, with the possibility of expansion to other cities if successful.


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