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No worries about kids bullying in summer! This floor cleaner will clean the dirty house instantly

dyson floor cleaner

Summer vacations of schools are about to begin and now the hustle and bustle of children is about to begin in homes. Some children go to their maternal grandmother’s house and some children go to their grandparents during summer vacations. There are no restrictions on children at both these places, because children come to the maternal and paternal grandparents’ place only once a year.

Now in this group of children, there is a lot of dirt inside the house, which has to face a lot of problems in cleaning, but we have brought for you information about a floor cleaner from Dyson, which can instantly clean both wet and dry. Cleans all types of floors.

Dyson Wash G1 Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaner from Dyson cleans 290 square meters of floor in just 1 liter of water. To clean the floor with water, Dyson has also provided a water tank inside it. Dyson says that what makes Wash G1 special is its three types of technologies – hydration, absorption and extraction. Together, these three technologies clean wet and dry dirt in one go. Additionally, it automatically separates the dirt, making cleaning easy and hassle-free.

What is the technology behind WashG1?

Dyson WashG1 floor cleaner has rollers for better cleaning. Also, for spraying clean water, it is provided with a pump which uses clean water. Along with this, microfiber has been used to absorb dirt. Dyson claims that this microfiber, combined with a constant spray of clean water, absorbs wet stains and the fibers remove dry soil, dust, and hair. In this way, stains and dirt are removed in one go.

collects dirty water

WashG1 has a special technology which takes care of cleanliness along with cleanliness. This technology separates dirt and dirty water at one place. This makes it very easy to throw away the dirt, you don’t even have to use your hands. Actually, this system uses strong plates to remove dirty water from the roller. This dirty water gets stored in a 0.8 liter tank. At the same time, small brushes mounted on the roller put all the dry dirt in a separate outlet tray. Not only this, a 500 micron mesh traps large particles and collects them in the head of the machine itself, which can then be easily removed.

When will Dyson Wash G1 be launched?

Dyson WashG1 will be available in India soon. To get information about its availability, you can visit Where you will keep getting its updates. You can also know about it on e-commerce sites.


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