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Free coriander for ordering vegetables online from Blinkit, people also demanded free chilli.

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There is no limit to the happiness of Indian mothers after knowing the new announcement of Blinkit app. Actually, the online grocery app has announced to give free Ghaniya to its users on the orders of vegetables and behind this announcement of Blinkit, an ex-user named Ankit Sawant has made a big contribution.

Actually, recently Ankit shared an incident of ordering vegetables on social media app When his mother came to know about this, she got a shock like a mini heart attack.

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Ankit Sawant shared this surprise of his mother on social media app X. He also shared a request from his mother, tagging Blinkit CEO Albinder, in which she said that Blinkit should give a free coriander bundle on purchasing vegetables worth a certain amount. Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa immediately reacted to this post and said that this feature will be implemented soon.

Ankit Sawant’s mother’s suggestion was implemented by Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa within a few hours and he posted this information on social media app X. In this post, Albinder told that this facility will be applicable for the coming few weeks and for this all Blinkit users should thank Ankit Sawant’s mother.

Demand for green chillies after coriander started increasing

Many users praised the quick response of social media app Blinkit while reacting to Albinder’s post. Also, some users tagged Blinkit CEO Albinder and said that local vegetable vendors in India often give free coriander and green chillies on purchasing vegetables.

How much vegetable will have to be purchased for free coriander?

Along with the announcement of free coriander, Blinkit CEO has not told how much vegetable the users would have to buy at one time to get free coriander. When we tested it, we found out that to get free coriander in Delhi-NCR, users will have to buy vegetables worth at least Rs 500 at a time.


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