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Such a problem came on WhatsApp! Users caught their head, this is happening after chat mute

WhatsApp Bug Affect iPhone Users: The most popular messaging platform WhatsApp is showing an error for users in the latest update for iOS devices. The latest WhatsApp updated version is automatically changing the mute duration from one week to 8 hours. But this is happening only after muting for a week. If a user chooses a period of eight hours or always mutes the chat. This error is limited to WhatsApp for iOS users who have updated their app to the latest version. Users who are still on older versions. The mute duration limit works fine for them.

working fine on older version

The messaging platform WhatsApp for iOS shows a bug for users who have installed the latest update with version Trying to mute a group or individual message notifications for a week, the platform appears to be changing the duration to eight hours. Let us tell you, the latest version of WhatsApp was launched on August 31, 2022.

WhatsApp won’t work on some iPhones after October 24

According to the WhatsApp version history information, it offers several improvements, some of these developments will be visible in the future. Apart from this, WhatsApp will soon stop working on iPhone models running iOS 10 or 11 version. Reportedly, the changes will start from October 24. Messaging platform users on iOS will need to upgrade their smartphone to iOS 12 or newer versions to continue using it.

WhatsApp won’t work on these iPhones

The iOS 10 and iOS 11 software versions are not widely used on the iPhone. According to Mashable India, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are the only two iPhone models that will be affected by this change. Users of the messaging app have already received a notification that the software will soon stop working on their smartphones. In this situation, users will have to upgrade their iPhone to continue using the messaging app.

How to install new version

iOS 10 and iOS 11 are older operating systems and most Apple phones may already have the most recent upgrade installed. It would be best to update the iPhone immediately if it isn’t already.

Those who want to get the latest iOS version can do so by going to Settings > General and then tapping on Software Update. WhatsApp previously announced that iPhone users would need to have iOS 12 or newer to continue using the service on the Help Center website.

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