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Why does the car start burning more petrol in summer, what is the reason? Know how to increase mileage

The summer season has started and with it the mercury has started crossing 40 degrees in many cities. In such a situation, the vehicles running on the road are not only facing the traffic but also the intense heat. As the heat increases, the need to drive like this in the car also increases. But in this season, one problem troubles the car drivers the most and that is low mileage.


Many people complain that the mileage of the car reduces as the heat increases. That means the car starts consuming more fuel. So why does this happen and what could be the reason behind it? So let’s know about this.


Actually, drivers feel that the car consumes more fuel in summer compared to winter. And this is also correct. There are some main reasons behind increase in fuel consumption in summer.


The temperature in summer is higher than the normal season. When you drive a car in this season, you need to run the AC frequently or keep it on continuously. The air condition system of the car is connected to the engine which takes power from the engine to run. Due to this, the load on the engine to run the AC increases. The engine starts burning more fuel to generate more power and this is the reason why the mileage gets reduced by turning on the AC.

Car AC

However, if the AC is used for some time, it does not have much impact on the mileage. Once the cabin cools down, you can switch off the AC or turn on air recirculation which reduces the load on the engine.


You can increase the mileage even after turning on the AC. Keep in mind that before turning on the AC, all the windows of the car should be closed properly so that the cold air does not go out. Avoid parking the car in direct sunlight. The hotter the car, the more effort will be required to cool the AC. Apart from this, keep the radiator of the car clean in summer so that it helps in keeping the engine cool.


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