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IIT Delhi Placement: 22% of IIT Delhi students did not get placed in 5 years, what is the package? know

Indian Institute of Technology i.e. IIT is famous not only in India but all over the world. Every year a large number of students graduate from here and get jobs at huge salaries in big companies of the world. But is this trend breaking? The information received from Right to Information (RTI) is shocking. RTI data is raising questions on the placements of IIT Delhi. According to the report of The Hindu , data received from IIT Delhi has shown that between 2019 and 2023, about 22 percent of IITians could not get jobs from college. 

IIT Delhi refused to give the figures for the year 2024 saying that placements are still going on. The report said that Dheeraj Singh, an alumni of IIT Kanpur and founder of Global IIT Alumni Support Group, had filed the RTI. 

In response, he came to know that the average placement package in IIT Delhi has also remained almost stable for the last 4 years. The average placement package of IIT Delhi in 2021-2022 was Rs 23.8 lakh. It decreased in 2022-23 and came to 21.9 lakh annually. 

Data shows that 1105 IIT students were placed in 2021-22. That year 366 students could not get jobs. Similarly, in 2022-23, 1513 students registered for placement, out of which 1270 were placed and 243 could not get the job.  The worries do not end here. Media reports say that along with reduction in placements, placement packages have also reduced. Many companies are reaching IIT and offering jobs worth Rs 10 to 15 lakh per year. Navbharat Times Online has written in a report that now IIT graduates are being offered a package of less than Rs 10 lakh.


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