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Spiders on Mars: ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft captured this thing on camera near a structure named Inca City.

Many times, peculiar phenomena are observed on Mars, sparking curiosity among scientists and the general public. The European Space Agency (ESA) recently released an image of Mars showing what appears to be a cluster of spiders crawling on its surface. According to an NDTV report, ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft captured this phenomenon near a feature called Inca City. In a press release, ESA stated that it has identified traces of spider-like formations scattered across the southern polar region of Mars.

However, these formations are not spiders at all. With no life known to exist on Mars, the idea of spiders seems implausible. According to ESA, these are small, dark-colored features that develop when sunlight interacts with carbon dioxide accumulated during the winter months.

As explained in the report, sunlight causes icy carbon dioxide to sublimate directly into gas. This process results in the eruption of up to three-foot-thick layers of snow, which settle on the surface along with dust, forming these distinctive spots.

Although the black spots may appear small in the picture, their actual size is substantial. The smallest spots can measure 145 feet across, while the largest can span half a mile. This spider-like pattern was also observed in 2020 by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, a spacecraft launched in 2016 to search for signs of life on Mars. Mars has long been a subject of fascination for scientists, who speculate that it may have harbored life in the past before undergoing catastrophic changes.

Regarding the recent image, ESA stated that it does not have detailed information about the formation of this area. It is speculated that this area may have once been sandy dunes, which eventually solidified into rock formations. ESA’s Mars Express orbiter has been studying the Red Planet since its arrival in 2003, mapping its surface and gathering information about its history of water.

Key summary

“Spiderwebs” on Mars: A Cool Illusion

  • The European Space Agency (ESA) released an image from Mars that looks like a group of spiders crawling on the surface.
  • These are not actually spiders, but dark features caused by seasonal changes on Mars.

How it Works:

  • Carbon dioxide freezes on Mars during winter, accumulating as ice.
  • Sunlight in spring warms the surface, turning the icy CO2 back into gas.
  • This gas explosion blasts away the top layer of dust-coated ice, leaving dark, spider-like spots on the red Martian surface.

Interesting Facts:

  • These “spiders” can be quite large, ranging from 145 feet to half a mile in diameter!
  • Similar features were observed in 2020 by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter.
  • Mars continues to intrigue scientists, who believe it may have once harbored life.

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