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Follow these simple tips to check if your neighbors use your Wi-Fi

New Delhi: Work from home has now led to a huge increase in internet usage. As a result, Wi-Fi usage has increased in almost every household. WiFi is now essential for everyone from office work to even online education. When you install WiFi in your home, it must be used safely. So that no one else can use Wi-Fi without your permission. You can set a large and difficult WPA2 password for this. WPA2 is an encryption protocol and means Wi-Fi protected access. WPA2 is newer and more secure than old protocols like WPA, WEP etc. Today we are going to tell you some tips that will be very useful for you. Learn more about these tips.

As a user, all you need to do is set up WPA2 security on the Wi-Fi router and secure it with a strong password. Needless to say. When setting a password, create some large and complex passwords that you can remember. But, other people will not be able to guess it.
Changing the router’s login information: Most Wi-Fi router Comes with two IP addresses: or and can be accessed from any browser. Most router manufacturers use words like ‘root’ and ‘admin’ as login and password, and once you log in, you can easily access the router’s settings. Since login is so easy, password is so simple, anyone can go to your router’s settings.

Changing the login information of the router: If you feel that your Wi-Fi should not be used by others without your knowledge, keep the login details of the router other than ‘admin’. The most efficient way to secure a network is to hide the router’s SSID. This ensures that it is not shown as the only connectable network. You will have to enter the address manually. Using internet monitoring software is also a great option. There is some software like AirSnare. Which you can use. It alerts you when an unfamiliar device is found on your network.


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