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Zakir Naik taught Kalma to Hindus during Modi era, why is he not Sultan-ul-Hind?- PAK Maulvi

Zakir Naik Latest News: Pakistan’s Maulvi Mohammad Ali Mirza has given a very surprising statement regarding fugitive Dr. Zakir Naik. He said that the fanatic Islamic preacher has converted thousands of people during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Zakir Naik made such people read Kamla in front of the camera and included them in Islam. In such a situation, why is he not Sultan-e-Hind?

The video related to the statement of Maulvi Mohammad Ali Mirza has also surfaced on social media. A 33-second clip of a Pakistani cleric was shared on ‘X’ (previously Twitter) with the handle @pakistan_untold, in which he was seen advocating for Dr Zakir Naik. During this time, he also said that because of PM Modi government, Zakir Naik has been forced to leave his home and live abroad.

What else did Pakistan’s Maulvi say after taking the name of Narendra Modi?

In the viral video, Pakistani Maulvi was seen saying, “Today Dr. Zakir Naik has taught Kalma to hundreds of thousands of Hindus on camera. That too in this difficult time…when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who promotes such a conservative type of Hindutva, is Because of PM Modi’s government, Zakir Naik is forced to leave his home and live in another country. We have seen him on camera teaching Kalma to thousands of Hindus. Why is he not Waliullah (God-loving sage etc.) Why is he not Sultan-ul-Hind?

Hardcore preacher Zakir Naik has left India and is living in Malaysia.

Mohammad Ali Mirza is a well-known YouTuber in Pakistan. He is an engineer by profession. Pakistani Maulvi, who is very active on social media, is also known for being embroiled in controversies apart from his outspoken style, while Dr. Zakir Naik, originally from Mumbai (Maharashtra), is currently in Malaysia. He is accused in many cases in India and in 2016, his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) organization was banned in India.

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