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Youtube New Ad Policy: YouTube will now show long advertisements, you will not be able to skip


At present, advertisements of 15-15 seconds are shown with the skip option.
From now on, 30 second advertisements will be shown to smart TV users.
The new advertising policy will be implemented in the US first.

New Delhi. If you watch YouTube on Smart TV, then get ready to see long advertisements. Google has made up its mind to make changes in the YouTube New Ad Policy. The platform will start adding longer ads to YouTube videos being shown on smart TVs. A 30-second ad will be shown in the middle of the YouTube video. The special thing is that the user will not have the option to skip this advertisement. The new ad policy will be started from America.

Google has not given any information about when this will be done or not done in other markets. It is believed that if this experiment is successful in terms of business there, then Google will implement it in other markets including India. Currently, YouTube shows two 15-second ads with a skip button on a single video. However, the ad can be different depending on the video.

In a blog post, Google has given information about YouTube’s new ad policy. It has been said in the post that Google will also implement the “pause ad” idea in YouTube videos on smart TVs. In this feature, when a video is paused, an advertisement will pop up and it will remain visible until the video is played again. When the advertisement pops up, the size of the video paused on the screen will be reduced.

youtube premium only support
Currently the only way to skip long commercials on YouTube TV is with a YouTube Premium subscription. YouTube Premium subscription costs Rs 129 per month in India. Premium users can watch ad free content. With the premium subscription, users also get a host of other benefits, including the ability to watch YouTube music and videos in pip mode.

Company’s emphasis on increasing earnings
Big tech companies including Google are currently facing financial difficulties. Due to the poor condition of the economies of some countries including America, advertising revenue has been badly affected. That is why now the company is looking for new ways to increase its revenue. That is why the ad policy of YouTube has been changed.


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