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Why people tend to trust computers more than other people

At the same time, the chimpanzee still had a fear of deception, more precisely, the fear of being deceived by another animal (a relative might not have given them food). It is believed that this fear can trigger strong emotions in the animal.

In the second experiment (chimpanzees already understood the likelihood of receiving or not receiving food from a relative or from a machine), it turned out that animals no longer trust the machine as much as they used to. It turns out that the tendency to trust the computer manifests itself in situations where there is some kind of uncertainty.

Scientists believe that trust in machines may be due to the fact that a person does not perceive them as an “emotionally significant object.” This makes him more willing to take risks. At the same time, if people around them have learned to evaluate enough, then the technique – no. And this skill is now urgently needed. That is, the evolution of people took place in the social world, when there were no computers yet, which is why it is so difficult for us to realize that a mechanism can be mistaken and to assess its reliability.

Also, in the issue of trust in technology, cultural expectations, a person’s own knowledge of a particular device play an important role.

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