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These 4 dangerous apps available on Google Play Store, delete them immediately

New Delhi: Google Play Store is considered to be the safest place to download Android apps. But, scammers often list malware apps on the Play Store by cheating the company. This endangers the safety of users. These apps steal users’ sensitive data. Later they also do financial fraud with the help of data. So you need to be very careful. According to a recent report, 4 malicious Android apps have been detected from Google Play Store.

Malwarebytes said in its reports that these 4 dangerous apps have been downloaded more than 1 million times. These apps contain Trojans. These apps come with hidden ads. HiddenAds is malware and this app has not been removed from play store yet.

Delete this app immediately.
1. Bluetooth Auto Connect

2. Bluetooth App Sender

3. Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB

4. Mobile transfer: smart switch

The report said that these apps already contain hidden ads malware. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to delete these apps from your phone. According to the report, this app is opening phishing sites on Google Chrome. Since these apps are opening sites, your device is locked. These apps take users to malicious sites as soon as the user unlocks the phone. After this many tabs open. These apps steal users’ data for revenue by wrongly clicking on Pay.

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