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The artist showed how the iconic NFS: Most Wanted would look on Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5’s accessible and user-friendly toolkit gives enthusiasts a free hand to create recognizable scenes from various classic games in a new wrapper. The Colombian artist Santiago PG recently showed what the iconic Need for Speed: Most Wanted of 2005 could become with the new powers of the gaming industry.

Santiago PG did not remake the arcade race, but limited itself to one scene, which was shown from different angles. However, even this is enough to easily recognize the outlines of a familiar game and appreciate the new graphical capabilities: a high-poly car model, lighting and ray tracing do their job. At the same time, the background respects the original yellowish color scheme, causing deja vu.

Recall that Need for Speed: Most Wanted was released back in 2005 for PC and Xbox 360, quickly becoming a cult. Seven years later, they tried to revive the game through the efforts of the Criterion studio, but the developers failed: the fans did not appreciate such a “return” of the classics.

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