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Uber Cab Company Buses Will Also Run in Delhi! Got Approval

Uber, one of the world’s largest ride-sharing companies, announced that it will start its bus service in Delhi. The company has received the necessary license from the Delhi Government. The Delhi Transport Department has issued a license to Uber to operate its bus service in the National Capital Region. This means buses will now be included in Uber’s ride-hailing services.

Previously, Uber mainly offered four-wheelers for ride-hailing services. The company also operates bike and auto ride-hailing services. Now, buses have been added to its fleet. Uber’s competitors in the region include companies like Ola Cabs and Rapido. According to a report from the Economic Times (ET), Uber obtained this license under the Delhi government’s app-based premium bus aggregator scheme.

This scheme was launched in November last year. It aims to provide high-quality public transport for upper-middle-class people. The goal is to make bus travel as convenient as cab travel. This will save people time and reduce the number of personal vehicles on the road. Instead of booking a personal cab, people can book a ride in a bus.

Under the scheme, aggregators must set a dynamic price for bus rides. This price should not be less than the maximum fare for air-conditioned (AC) buses of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). Uber has already started a similar bus service in Egypt. India will be the second country to have Uber’s bus service, named Uber Shuttle.

Currently, Uber operates its shuttle service in Kolkata. The company has been preparing for this launch in Delhi for the past year. Uber is planning routes in Delhi that will connect business areas with residential areas. The service aims to cover almost all parts of Delhi. The buses will have a seating capacity of 19 to 50 people.

Uber has a significant presence in India, with more than 1 million drivers. India is the third country, after the United States and Brazil, where Uber has this many drivers. Uber’s entry into the bus service market in Delhi marks a significant expansion of its services. It aims to provide a comfortable and convenient alternative to personal cars and cabs.

In summary, Uber’s new bus service in Delhi is set to offer a premium public transport option for the city’s residents. With the Delhi Government’s approval, Uber will soon start operating its buses, adding to its existing fleet of cars, bikes, and autos. This move is expected to reduce traffic congestion and offer a more efficient mode of transport for daily commuters.


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