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Revenge is sweet. Apple did not allow Epic to launch a store on Apple devices

The court ordered Apple to allow the installation of applications from third-party stores in the European Union – and the company reluctantly accepted this, obeying the regulator’s demand. However, the corporation has its own scores to settle with Epic Games: it seems that Apple will do its best to prevent the release of its products on its platforms.

Company representatives shared depressing news for battle royale fans: Apple rejected the company’s application to launch the Epic Games Store on Apple devices in the European Union, citing some violations of the rules. Moreover, Apple blocked the internal account of the Epic Games developer from its internal infrastructure. Tim Sweeney’s company even published email correspondence with Apple. The content there is interesting.


From the correspondence it follows that Apple asked Epic Games for guarantees that the company would comply with its obligations and platform rules. To which Tim Sweeney responded in the affirmative: all rules will be strictly observed, and the company is ready to give any additional guarantees that may be required. However, Apple was not satisfied with this response – it stated that Epic Games did not deserve trust, and its developer account would be banned, because the corporation was granted the right to such an action by a court decision.

Tim Sweeney believes that in this way Apple is taking revenge on him for public criticism and an attempt to shift the balance of power in the issue of application stores and revenue sharing. Epic Games will continue to fight to ensure that iOS users have choice and healthy competition on the platform. However, she will still have to release Fortnite through some third-party store – such is the price of this struggle.


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