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Mihogo One folding e-bike introduced with 270 km range, know its features

Mihogo has introduced Mihogo One folding e-bike. This bike has been given powerful features with a range of 270 km. Navigation support is also available through the compact display provided in Mihogo One. There is not much information about the new e-bike at present. Let us know in detail about Mihogo One folding e-bike.

Features of Mihogo One folding e-bike

mihogo One folding e-bike can be compactly carried inside the trunk of a car. Its frame and handlebar can be folded. The bike offers a range of 270 km on a single charge. The bike has a hub wheel motor which offers more advantages over mid-motor systems. The motor can be controlled by a torque sensor. Its maximum output is 750W. It has disc brakes which provide proper control on the bike.

Mihogo One has a 2.4 inch IPS display which provides turn by turn direction. The maximum brightness of the LED lights on the bicycle is 120 lumens and mudguards are also provided. Mihogo One has been provided with wide Kenda tyres.

Mihogo One is expected to be listed on the crowdfunding platform. As a crowdfunding campaign e-bike There will be finance options for. Information about the top speed and acceleration of Mihogo One will be coming soon. Apart from the strong frame, it has been provided with thick and strong tires which make the ride easy on difficult roads.


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