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Spam Calls: Annoyed by Spam Calls? Jio-Airtel-Vi users can block fake numbers; See details


  • Can easily block spam calls.
  • Make use of third party apps.
  • You can also complain to a telecom provider.

Recurring Spam callsYou must be annoyed too. Problems arise when a sudden spam call occurs while an important meeting is in progress or while some work is in progress. These fake calls are sometimes unrecognizable.

Often such calls also lead to financial fraud. So you need to follow some steps to get rid of such calls. Jio, Airtel, We ‘S customers can also get rid of these fake calls.

This way you can block spam calls

block number

Android users can block spam numbers by going directly to the call log. Long press on the number you want to block. Now tap on the block option. IPhone users can also block such fake numbers directly.

Telecom provider

Telecom providers also take strict action against such calls. For this they use SHAKEN or STIR technology. This allows the company to know which call is appropriate and which is from a fake number. You can turn off such calls by talking directly to the telecom operator.

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Third party apps

To avoid such calls you Hiya, Truecaller, Nomorobo You can get help from similar apps. These apps let you know if the call is already fake. However, most of these services have to be paid for. Truecaller With the app, you can find out who owns the call number without paying. These types of apps use a database of robocollers, spammers and fraudsters. This identifies thousands of fake numbers. You can block fake numbers using these apps.


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