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Named the best Chinese hybrids and electric vehicles in 2022

The Chinese division of the JDPower agency has compiled a ranking of the best electric vehicles and hybrids of 2022. The list was based on reviews of almost 6 thousand owners, and in total 65 models from 36 different brands participated in the study.

Xpeng P7

During the survey, the researchers asked for opinions about the exterior and interior of a particular model, the convenience of its set-up and launch, landing and driving sensations, engine power (engines) and safety, multimedia system operation, cruising range, charging speed and overall comfort.

In the small electric vehicle segment, the top three were Neta V, BYD Yuan Pro and the now discontinued Ora R1 (Black Cat). Among the compact electric vehicles, the Aion Y, XPeng G3i and Neta U respectively took the top three places, while in the mid-size segment, the XPeng P7, XPeng P5 and Aion S Plus were in the top 3.

Of the mid-size crossovers, it was not possible to choose the top three, so there are only two models here – BYD Song Plus and Tesla Model Y. Of foreign electric vehicles, the same Tesla Model Y and BMW iX3 were awarded prizes, but Li One, BYD Tang turned out to be the best of plug-in hybrids PHEV and BYD Han PHEV.

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Among other things, JDPower experts spoke about the general patterns of the market. For example, the exterior of electric cars this year has become much less popular with consumers than in the past, but the range has increased by 21 kilometers over the year and now averages 359 kilometers.

Earlier, the Chinese division of JDPower made a similar rating, covering all cars in general. The premium brand Hongqi was the best in it, models of which will enter the Russian market by the end of 2022.


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