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Mobile Tracking: If all this is happening in your phone too, then get Alert! Do you know what activity is being tracked?

How to Stop Your Phone From Tracking: Nowadays, due to high technology, the risk of people getting their phones hacked or traced has increased. Due to smart devices and many software available in the market like Pegasus, it has become possible to infiltrate someone’s phone without his permission. In such a situation, if this danger haunts you too, then let us give you those tips by which you can find out whether someone is secretly tracking you.

How to detect glitch?

1. According to cyber security experts, if someone has installed or installed any spy software in your phone by seeing an opportunity to track your activity, then it will always be active in the background of the phone. When this happens, your mobile battery starts draining very fast. That is, if your phone’s battery used to last for 24 hours earlier and is now running out in 12 hours or less, then it is not necessary that your phone is getting damaged, it can be an indication for you that someone is tracking you. doing.

2. Any kind of spy software makes full use of your mobile data. The phone’s data costs a little more than usual in the spying software that monitors you round the clock. In such a situation, if the data of your phone is ending suddenly, then it can also be a sign that someone is spying on you.

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3. If ever there is a strange sound in the middle while talking to someone on the phone, then you need to be careful about this too. In such a situation, it is possible that someone is spying on your phone calls and your calls are being listened to by him.

4. Some apps in mobile phones ask for unnecessary permissions. In such a situation, before giving permission to any app, do check whether that app really needs it or not. This should be specially kept in mind while giving permissions like camera, microphone and location.

Similarly, you can also be tracked through your smartwatch as it is also linked to your phone. In such a situation, check the hidden apps present in your mobile from time to time in a regular interval like once or twice a week. You will find this option in the app management of your phone’s settings. At the same time, you can also remove unnecessary permissions from some apps from time to time. That is, by keeping these things in mind, no one will be able to put a dent in your private photos and important bank information by peeping into your phone.


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