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Is it safe to give birth in water

Naked Science writes briefly about the research. It is believed that water birth can relieve pain, but experts are wary of it as an experimental procedure. Scientists wanted to find out if babies can be born underwater.

Of the 35,060 women whose data were studied, 17,530 gave birth in water. The rest did it using the classic method. All women had healthy singleton pregnancies. The researchers took into account various factors that could influence how a woman in labor would transfer her baby to the world.

Water births have been reported to be either safer or similar in most indicators, including neonatal mortality, hospitalization of the mother or infant in the first six weeks. It was noted that giving birth in water even reduced the risk of bleeding. At the same time, water delivery increased the risk of rupture of umbilical cord vessels and postpartum uterine infection. However, this did not lead to an increase in hospital admissions or deaths.

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