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Great news for the gamers of Free Fire MAX, today all these bundles are getting 50% direct discount

Outfits are a must for users playing Free Fire MAX. Every gamer wants that they can get bundles either for free or not have to spend much money. Let us show you how you can get 50% discount on multiple bundles today.

Garena is offering its gamers huge discounts on the bundle on the Indian servers of Free Fire Max. Through this offer, gamers can enhance their outfit collections without spending more diamonds. 

Outfits play a big role in the battle royale title. Due to this, the look of the characters also makes a difference and he is able to bear the attacks of enemies for a while. 

Free Fire MAX Offers

Outfit is also called costume and bundle in other words. With its help, the characters are customized. Let us show you how gamers of Free Fire Max can get 50% discount on bundles today.

Free Fire Max bundles cost anywhere between 499 diamonds to 1,499 diamonds. Getting a discount of 50% makes a big difference to the price of these bundles. However, this discount is being given till August 8, 2022 i.e. tonight only. In such a situation, gamers should claim it as soon as possible.

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Getting so much discount on bundles

Apart from this, gamers also have a chance to use additional coupons today, through which they can get big discounts on bundles. Here are some of the bundles available with the discount today:

  • Stereo Noisemaker Bundle – 749 Diamonds
  • Stereo Blaster Bundle – 749 Diamonds
  • KO Night – Burn Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Midnight Oni Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Bullet Dancer Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Persian Secrets Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Warrior Prince Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Skull Punker Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Trendy Driver Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Jovial Driver Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • Plague Doctor Bundle – 599 Diamonds
  • English Uniform Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Youngster Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Jailbird Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • The Weekend Clubber Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • The Weened Runner Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Wilderness Trapper Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Superstar Weekend Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Crimson Parkour Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Violet Parkour Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Persia Valor Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Heatbound Desert Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Surgeon Bloodlust Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Golden Sunrise Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Frost-Draco Colonel Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Frost-Draco Commander Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Woof Pro Catcher Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Meow Pro Pitcher Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Midnight Mafia Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Midnight Gangster Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • The Blood Skull Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Canine Enforcer Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Summer Heart-Throb Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Summer Darling Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • The Adventure Dawn Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • The Tropic Rumble Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Samurai Faceless Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Kendoka Blindfold Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Assault Force – 449 Diamonds
  • Shadow Striker Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Prince Pink Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Princess Pink Bundle – 449 Diamonds
  • Plumber Bundle (Female) – 249 Diamonds
  • Burning Rays Bundle – 249 Diamonds

how to get discount now

To get these bundles with discount, players have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: First of all players have to open Free Fire Max.

Step 2: Now you have to go to the store shown on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: After that the players have to go to the bundle section. There they will see all the bundles with discounts.

Step 4: There players have to choose a bundle and click on the button of Purchase.

Step 5: Now a dialog box will open asking you to confirm the purchase. You have to confirm.

In this way players can buy bundles with discount offers today. However, players can further reduce the price of bundles by using additional discounts.


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