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Bhannat trick! Annoyed by YouTube video ads? This can be done with a simple process; See details

New Delhi: Video platform YouTube Is hugely popular. Everyone with a smartphone is enjoying different content through YouTube. This platform is preferred by users over other apps as it allows you to watch free videos on YouTube. You can watch many different types of videos for free on this app. However, videos that you think are free will cost you dearly. This price is in the form of data and time. Also, ads appear during the video. In the last few years YouTube The amount of ads in the video has increased significantly. Two or three ads come easily in a single video. Often videos are not viewed properly due to advertisements. But you can do it with simple tricks without ads YouTube video Can see.

Earlier, I used to get a button to skip the ad. But, now you have to wait a few seconds to skip the ad. You need to purchase a premium plan for the ad free experience on YouTube. The YouTube premium plan costs Rs 129 per month. If you want to watch videos without ads without purchasing a YouTube premium plan, you need the help of an ad blocker. If you are using Chrome or Edge browser on mobile and computer then Ad Blocker will be useful. For you Adblock For YouTube Extensions have to be used. After installing this extension, you can watch YouTube videos without ads.

You can also use third party ad blocker apps. You need to download and install Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser from Google Play Store. You can also use another app of this type. It is a simple browser, which blocks most of the ads that appear on the sites. You can use this browser for an ad free experience on YouTube. You can also choose your favorite search engine. After that you want to search YouTube and watch YouTube videos without ads.


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