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A human approach

With changing time & materialistic approach, today’s human beings have become more selfish, self centered, intolerant & aggressive. The society is also moving towards a divided entity of communalism, regionalism, casteism & groupism. The point of concern is, neither the political leaders, religious leaders nor the public doing enough to bring it in tandem. We talk much of liberisation & integration, but do a little to bring the societal changes to achieve the goal.

In the rat race of competition, we forget all ethics, principles and fare practices. To become success, we do whatever required, whether right or wrong notwithstanding, the long term effect on us, on others & overall on society. Charity begins at home. As parent we are more responsible to shape the children with human attributes & strength to face the world with fare manner & fare spirit. But we fail in our heavenly duty, as we are also part of the corrupt social & living practices.

As we sow, so shall we reap. When we-being elder generation; indulged in all unfair practices, how can we expect the younger & still-younger generation to come up clean? So we have to mend ourself first strictly & curb our negatives with iron hand & then preach the generation in waiting, to practice it.

The most demanding question here is – we always encourage our children to become good student, get a good service & earn money to maxima; but how many of us have groomed the children, with good human qualities, the attributes to make them good human beings & serve the society without expecting material returns? The answer will be definitely- a few. So for god shake, wake up & groom the children to become  good human beings first & then  good students,  good learners etc. etc. If we can do it; believe! the society will be more comfortable, beautiful, tolerant, sharing, caring & a heavenly place to live in with  joy & peace.

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