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YouTube Shorts New Feature: YouTube made the creators happy, now they will be able to do this work

New Delhi. YouTube Shorts: TikTok’s competitor YouTube Shorts has imposed certain rules allowing creators to access video clips of billions of videos from the YouTube platform. The new feature is an extension to the existing Remix tool that allowed creators to sample audio from other videos into their own YouTube shorts posts. “Create your own short videos using our Shorts creation tool to mix in music from our audio library or use original audio from entire YouTube videos,” the company said in an update.

YouTube shorts feature similar to TikTok tool ‘Stitch’

The YouTube shorts feature is similar to the popular TikTok tool ‘Stitch’. The company said, ‘Shorts created by you with sample audio are attributed to the original video of the source producer. Music videos containing copyrighted material from YouTube’s music partners are not eligible for remixing.’

The company suggested this

The company further explained, “If you upload a short video that you made elsewhere, make sure that any copyright-protected material you use is approved for your use on YouTube.” The company suggested that using copyright-protected material could land you a Content ID claim.

Capable of using 1 to 5 second clip

The new update will allow creators to clip 1- to 5-second segments from long-form videos. “Shorts are automatically selected for sampling on YouTube and you cannot opt ​​out of them. For existing long format videos on your channel, you can limit audio sampling in YouTube Studio,” the company said. The streaming platform also said that YouTube shorts is now available via web and tablet.

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