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YouTube planning to enter NFT and metaverse, what about carbon-free goal?

YouTube is set to integrate elements such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse into its platform. YouTube, which has two billion users worldwide, will also bet in the ‘Web3 bandwagon’. Web3 will be supported by Blockchain technology. It is also considered as the Internet of the future. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neil Mohan, wrote in a blog post that connecting artists deeply with their audiences is the reason YouTube wants to adapt to the evolving world of Web3 and its elements. He said that all artists will be able to make money in ways which were not possible earlier.

YouTube The creator wants to let people ‘own’ the content in the form of an NFT. However, this will not transfer the copyright of the content to its buyer. Apart from this, YouTube is also making many preparations. He is working to make gaming more interactive with Metaverse integration. It is a virtual world and also has the concept of metaverse. Here people will be able to talk to people who are present in virtual avatar.

Neil Mohan said that we are thinking of how to make the viewing more attractive. The first sector in this case is gaming. More impact can be made here. We will work on making the game more realistic to bring in more interactions. He said that we are excited to see how we can turn the virtual world into reality.

Even though YouTube is moving in this direction, many issues remain. Environmental concerns regarding NFT mining persist. This goes against Google’s ambition to be ‘carbon free’ by 2030. Company’s CEO Sundar Pichai in the year 2020 said We are the first major company to commit to working on carbon-free energy round the clock in our data centers and campuses around the world. We are working to complete this by 2030.

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In the year 2021, the sale of NFTs crossed $ 25 billion (about Rs 1,84,700 crore). This means that carbon emissions in this sector are sure to be high. YouTube is also receiving some backlash from creators on social media who don’t want their content to be tokenized for sale.


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