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YouTube Music Might AI-Powered ‘Ask for Music’ Soon Understand Your Music Mood

On June 20, 2024, news broke about a potential new feature coming to YouTube Music. This feature, called “Ask for Music,” could be a game-changer for how you search for songs on the platform.

What is Ask for Music?

Ask for Music is rumored to be an artificial intelligence (AI) powered feature that lets you search for music using natural language. This means you can ditch the traditional search bar and ask YouTube Music questions like “Play a song to relax me” or “Find music similar to that upbeat track from last week.”

How Might it Work?

Recent code discoveries in the YouTube Music app for Android hint at how Ask for Music might function. The code suggests a chatbot-like interface where you’ll see a prompt that says “Ask for Music.” This is where you’d type in your request.

The code also mentions “AI-generated responses,” which means the feature will use artificial intelligence to understand your question and provide results. These results could be information about a song or artist, or it could play the song or album you requested.

Not Confirmed Yet

It’s important to remember that finding this code doesn’t guarantee Ask for Music will become a real feature. Sometimes developers include code for features that are still in the planning stages or get scrapped altogether. So, while Ask for Music sounds exciting, there’s no guarantee it will actually be available in the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music’s AI Journey

YouTube Music already uses some AI features, but they’re not as interactive as Ask for Music might be. For example, it has an audio-based search feature that lets you find songs by humming the tune. There’s also an AI-powered feature that automatically generates playlist covers.

If Ask for Music does become a reality, it would be a significant step forward for YouTube Music’s use of artificial intelligence. It would allow for a more natural and conversational way to search for and discover music, making your music listening experience even more enjoyable.


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