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YouTube launches smart video downloader for smartphones

The Google team has begun rolling out a new feature for the YouTube video platform that has yet to become widely available. It’s called Smart Downloads.

Smart Downloads has appeared for some users of the YouTube app on Android devices. Apparently, it is working in test mode, Google is exploring the possibilities and user reactions to a small audience. Access to it was received mainly by users from Europe. In addition, it requires the latest version of the OS – Android 12.

YouTube launches smart video downloader for smartphones

Smart Downloads allows you to automatically download videos when your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi. In this way, you can upload up to 20 videos every week. Offline content will appear on the Downloads page (under the Library tab).

This feature is almost identical to that offered by YouTube Music, but allows you to download more than just music videos. It will be useful for users of tariffs with limited data transfer, or in areas with poor or no cellular coverage.


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