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YouTube introduced a new feature, there will be a change in the way of uploading videos


YouTube has changed the way we upload videos.
This feature will tell the time taken for video uploading.
The new feature will work with all quality videos.

New Delhi. Video streaming platform YouTube has changed the way we upload videos. Now the video streaming platform will show users how much time it takes to upload the video with full quality before uploading. According to the company, this will help those creators who continuously share many videos on YouTube. It will also work with all video quality including standard definition, high definition and 4K.

The Google-owned video streaming platform has updated its support page to make users aware of the process for uploading new videos. Meanwhile, YouTube has said that high quality videos with 4K or HD resolution will take longer to process.

Earlier, YouTube used to display two different waiting periods to the users before the video was uploaded. The first part shows the time taken to upload the video and the second part shows the time taken by the platform to process the file into full quality video.

Video will be shared fast
Through the new feature, users will be able to share videos faster. In addition, a new video processing feature will help creators schedule videos and keep track of video upload times. This feature is currently released for some users and will soon be rolled out for all users.

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Action on violation of guidelines
Meanwhile, the video streaming platform has removed 5.6 million videos from its platform in the months of July and September 2022, citing violations of its community guidelines. The platform received over 271,000 removal appeals during the two months.

Not removed all objectionable content
In addition, the platform also tracked the number of appeals submitted by creators in response to removed videos. This will help in getting a clear understanding of the accuracy of the system. The company said in its blog that preventing real world harm does not mean that YouTube will remove all objectionable content as it is generally believed that open debate and free expression lead to better social outcomes.


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