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YouTube Implements New Policies: Age Restrictions on Gun Videos

YouTube, the leading video-sharing platform, is committed to enhancing safety measures for its teenage users. In a recent update to its policies, the platform has introduced stricter regulations on gun-related content.

What’s Changing?

Starting from June 18, 2024, YouTube will enforce age restrictions on certain videos featuring guns. Content depicting firearms will be automatically restricted for viewers under the age of 18.

YouTube’s Statement

According to YouTube’s firearms policy page, “Beginning June 18, 2024, specific content demonstrating the removal of safety devices will be restricted. Additionally, content showcasing homemade firearms, automatic firearms, and select firearm accessories will be age-restricted.”

The platform cited the proliferation of 3D printing technology as a contributing factor to the increased accessibility of firearms, prompting the need for these restrictions.

Focus on Realistic Use

YouTube clarified that these restrictions will apply strictly to content depicting the practical use of firearms. They will not affect video game content, film excerpts, or other artistic representations.

However, distinguishing between real-life footage, such as military or police operations, news coverage, or battlefield scenes, remains a challenge for YouTube.

Rationale Behind the Change

Recent incidents have highlighted instances where children accessed firearms in real life after being exposed to gun-related content on YouTube. The platform aims to mitigate such risks by implementing these stricter policies.

As YouTube continues to evolve its policies to prioritize user safety, content creators and viewers alike should stay informed about these changes.


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