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YouTube Emotes introduced, know what it is and how to use it?


YouTube introduces YouTube Emotes
Comments in the video will be even more interesting
Currently introduced for gaming

New Delhi. YouTube has introduced a new way for users to make comments in videos even more interesting. It looks like the Google-owned video sharing platform has introduced this new method inspired by a feature on Twitch. The platform has introduced YouTube Emotes for gaming. Let’s know the rest of the details.

YouTube has given information about Emotes in one of its support pages. YouTube has said in the post that Emotes are fun sets of static images, they can be used across the platform to build a sense of community. The platform has said that currently Emotes have been created for gaming. However, later Emotes will be rolled out on more themes.

YouTube has also informed that the gaming emotes have been created by independent artists Abelle Hayford, Guy Field and Yujin Won. At the moment it is not clear whether its global rollout has been done or not.

How to use YouTube Emotes?

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Users will see a smiley icon in live chat or comments section of a video. Click on this icon to use emotes. Here you will see all the emotes & emojis available. YouTube emotes will be located below any channel membership custom emoji. YouTube has also said that Emotes also have specific names. Users can also type to autocomplete in live chat. These will work in the same way as custom emoji work.

For example, if you type cat-orange-whistling in the chat, then emoji appears. This is similar to the way Emotes actually work in Twitch.


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