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YouTube channel spreading fake news against PM Modi, Chief Justice, alleges PIB

The Central Government has accused a YouTube channel of spreading fake news against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of the country and the Election Commission. Press Information Bureau (PIB) said that this YouTube channel has about 10 lakh subscribers and about 32 crore views.

The fact check handle of PIB tweeted, “A YouTube channel ‘News Headlines’ is spreading fake news against the Prime Minister, Supreme Court, Chief Justice of the country and the Election Commission.” This YouTube channel has been accused of spreading fake news about “conducting elections through ballot papers after the order of the Chief Justice of the country” and re-elections to 131 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Earlier it also claimed that Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has resigned from BJP and has joined Congress.

recently youtube Had told that he has removed about 56 lakh videos for violating the platform’s community guidelines. The fact checking team of PIB gives information to the media on behalf of the central government. It identifies fake news on social media and its associated channels and warns people against it.

YouTube clocked over 1.7 million views in India during the July-September quarter. Video Removed for violating the company’s Community Guidelines. YouTube reported in its Community Guidelines report for the third quarter, “36 percent of machine-detected videos were removed before they got a single view, and 31 percent got 1 to 10 views.” Apart from this, more than 73.7 crore comments related to the violation of the guidelines have been removed. YouTube’s data shows that about 99 percent of comments were removed after warnings from the platform’s automated systems, and the rest after users raised objections. YouTube is owned by Alphabet. It also runs the Internet search engine Google. Due to the decrease in advertisements due to the slowdown, YouTube is looking for other ways to increase revenue.

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