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YouTube Channel Guidelines: Know YouTube’s guidelines, the channel will be blocked for violation of which

YouTube Community Guidelines: YouTube is a platform that allows anyone to create their own channel for free. Anyone can upload their videos on this and reach as many people as possible, but it also has guidelines such as what can be uploaded on it. Meaning what kind of videos can be put on YouTube. If someone violates the guidelines of YouTube, then YouTube can close that channel.

YouTube may shut down your channel due to these reasons

  • Repeatedly violating Community Guidelines or Terms of Service in any form of content (such as repeatedly posting hate, abusive, and/or harassing videos or comments)
  • A serious case of abuse, such as exploiting underage people, using spam or pornography
  • Channels or accounts run in violation of a policy (such as using hate speech, harassment, or acting in a different name)
  • If you want to use copyrighted material in a video, you’ll generally need to obtain permission before doing so. YouTube cannot give you these rights. YouTube can delete your channel for using other’s content.

There are community guidelines for how to behave on YouTube. If your content violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines, a strike will be issued to your channel. Content may be removed for reasons other than violating the Community Guidelines. For example, a first party privacy complaint or a court order. In these cases, the uploader will not get the strike.

When a strike is issued, you will be notified via email. You can also select to send you messages through your mobile and computer notifications and in your channel settings.
Whether the content was removed.
Which policies did it violate (eg harassment or violence).
How does this affect your channel?
What can you do next?
If the content violates the YouTube Community Guidelines, here’s how it affects your channel.

YouTube clearly says that if mistakes happen, it does not mean violating YouTube’s policies. So the first violation is usually just a warning. Note that you will only be warned once and this alert will remain on your channel. You’ll get a strike the next time your content is found to be in violation of the Community Guidelines. Sometimes even a single case of serious abuse will result in the termination of the channel without warning.

First Strike
If YouTube finds that your content isn’t complying with policies a second time, you’ll receive a strike. This strike means that you will be barred from doing all these things for 1 week.

  • By uploading a video, live stream or story
  • Creating custom thumbnails or community posts
  • Blocks from creating, editing, or adding collaborators to playlists
  • Using the “Save” button will prevent you from adding and removing playlists from the watch page
  • Will stop showing the trailer during its premiere
  • Will prevent viewers from being sent from a live stream to a premiere or from sending viewers from a premiere to a live stream.
  • Full privileges will automatically be restored after a week, but your strike will remain on your channel for 90 days.

Second Strike
If you receive a Second Strike within the 90-day period of your First Strike, you will not be allowed to post Content for 2 weeks. If there are no more problems, full privileges will be automatically restored after 2 weeks. Each strike will not expire for 90 days from the date of issue.

Third strike
After three strikes within the same 90-day period, your channel will be permanently removed from YouTube. Again, each strike will not expire until 90 days after issue. Once the channel is removed, it will no longer be visible on YouTube.

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