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YouTube Cancels Premium Subscriptions Purchased Using VPN: Report

YouTube is reportedly canceling premium subscriptions for accounts where the user’s location does not match the country used during signup. According to The Verge, users who have purchased a YouTube Premium subscription using a virtual private network (VPN) to set a country where the subscription is cheaper may find their accounts automatically canceled.

Numerous users have reported their subscriptions being canceled without prior notice. YouTube is sending emails to affected users, specifying the cancellation dates. Upon attempting to restart their memberships, users are required to provide a card with the address of their current residence.

The pricing for YouTube Premium is determined by purchasing power and consumer expectations, leading to different prices across various countries. Users have been taking advantage of these price differences by subscribing from locations where the premium service is offered at a lower cost. After securing the subscription, they no longer need to use a VPN to access the service.

YouTube spokesperson Paul Pennington informed The Verge that the platform has systems in place to determine the location of users. YouTube is requesting users to update their subscription billing information to reflect their current location and to use payment methods from their respective countries, ensuring that pricing is adjusted according to the region.

In an effort to encourage legitimate Premium subscriptions, YouTube is cracking down on users exploiting loopholes and using spoofing tactics. Recently, YouTube users also reported buffering issues and errors when using third-party ad blockers. YouTube has stated that the use of ad blockers violates its Terms of Service.


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