Monday, February 26, 2024

YOUTUBE becomes the new base for video game lovers

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Online video platform YouTube needs no introduction. From the latest videos to all the videos related to any industry, you will easily get to watch them on YouTube. Nowadays, YouTube has become the new base for video content creators.

Let us tell you that ever since YouTube has started the facility of making short videos, an unexpected crowd of creators has started gathering on YouTube. Here creators easily make shorts videos and earn a lot of money according to popularity.

Why only short videos? If you want to present any of your skills, there can hardly be any better medium than YouTube. Not only do you get popularity by making videos on YouTube but you also get to earn money.

However, today we are not going to talk about videos on YouTube, rather we are going to tell how you can play video games on YouTube?

Let us tell you that YouTube has launched its new feature Playable with the help of which you can easily play your favorite video game on YouTube. However, let us confirm here that it is not free, but for this you will have to take premium subscription of YouTube, only then you will be able to get the facility of Playable. Let us tell you that YouTube is going to launch this feature for all users soon.

Know how to play video games on YouTube

If you are a fan of light games like Brain Out and Daily Crossword to action games like Scooter Extreme and Cannon Balls 3D, then you do not need to wander anywhere else, rather you can subscribe to YouTube and play any of your favorite games through the Playable feature. Can easily be played on YouTube.

Let us tell you that for this you have to take premium subscription of YouTube and go to the YouTube app and web version by clicking on the profile area. When you go to Benefits here, you will see Playable and from here you will get the facility to play the game when you go to Your Premium Benefits area.

Although YouTube has made it clear that currently this feature is being rolled out for premium users, but soon it will be available for all users.

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