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YouTube app gets new transcription feature, text facility will be available with video-audio

New Delhi: A new video transcription feature has been introduced by Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube. This feature is exclusively for Android app users. According to the report of the Android Police Platform, with the help of this new feature, the user will not need to scroll the video script while sitting in front of the screen. Once the video is live, the user has to click on the simple show transcript option. After this, the transcript will be available to you in the format of the video. However, the video script will be visible only when the transcript video is uploaded by the channel. 

what will be special 

This transcript option will be similar to the desktop version of YouTube, although it will come with a more mobile friendly user interface than the desktop. Users will be able to access the full script of YouTube videos from their phones. Users will be able to either read the script or directly jump to the video and timecode as per their convenience. But the problem with the transcription feature of YouTube is that it does not have the option of direct search through lines. Because of which this feature is less useful than the desktop version. It has been said in the report that this feature transcription makes it very easy to find specific parts of the video. 

YouTube’s big market in India 

India has a huge market share of YouTube. In the year 2020, YouTubers of India have contributed Rs 6,800 crore to the country’s economy. YouTubers have generated strong GDP equivalent to 6,83,900 full time jobs. According to the report, more than 40,000 YouTube channels have more than one lakh subscribers. Their number is increasing at the rate of 45% every year. The number of YouTube channels earning at least 6 digits or more in the country is growing by 60% on a yearly basis.

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