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Your smartphone’s SIM card will increase the phone’s internet speed! Know this amazing trick immediately

New Delhi. In today’s time almost everyone uses a smartphone and there will be hardly any person who does not have internet facility in his smartphone. While we try to use WiFi and enjoy good internet speed, when we are out of the house, we only have the option of mobile data. You might not know, mangoes can increase the internet speed of their phone with the help of their SIM card. Let’s know about this trick..

Increase your phone’s internet speed with sim card

If you want to increase the internet speed of your smartphone, then you just have to follow this easy trick. First of all open the SIM card tray of your smartphone and see in which slot your SIM is inserted. Let us tell you that if your SIM card with calling is installed in SIM tray one and SIM card with internet is in SIM tray two, then you will have to exchange these SIM cards.

Insert sim card like this

In fact, people and experts believe that data works better in SIM tray one and in such a situation it is necessary that your SIM card is installed in the first tray. According to the situation mentioned earlier, if your calling is in SIM Tray One and Data SIM Tray Two, then you should change it to Data SIM Tray One and in this way the Internet speed running on your phone will increase in a jiffy.

These people can use this trick

Let us tell you that it is a matter of great regret that not everyone can use this banging trick. To use this trip, you must meet one condition. As we just told you that to follow this trick, we need to keep the SIM with data in tray one. This means that unless your smartphone is a dual sim smartphone, you will not be able to use this trick.

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