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Your old car will sell at a strong price, these 5 tips will do wonders, the third most important

The used car market in India is booming. According to a report, as many new vehicles are being sold in the country, the same number of old vehicles are being sold. If you are also thinking of selling your old car, then here we are going to tell you some tips. Through these you will be able to sell your used car at the best price.

1. Know the price of
your car Before selling your car, it should be estimated about its true value. There are many online websites available that calculate the cost of your car for free. For this, you just have to enter the details of the vehicle. However, there is also a rule that the price of the car decreases by 10% every year.

2. Advertise Online It is better to advertise your vehicle on the online platform than to sell it in the offline market. There are many popular websites including OLX and Quicker where you can do this for free. Post nice pictures of the car in the ad.

3. Show the mechanic
any person would like to buy a good condition car. Therefore, before selling the used car, take it to the mechanic and get any shortcomings that can be removed. If the car looks shining from outside and is also good to drive, then buyers are found in a pinch.

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4. Keep the documents ready

Before selling the car, keep all its documents ready. If the vehicle is purchased on loan, then NOC certificate will be required for this. Apart from this, keep registration, insurance and pollution certificate ready. Many buyers also inquire about the service history. 

5. How to Deal Lock
Once the car is advertised, you will start getting calls and emails from buyers. The way you negotiate will decide whether the deal will make or break. Find out from the conversation how willing the buyer is. Schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that the buyer will definitely deduct the price you have fixed. Have some flexibility in the deal and do not hesitate to reduce 10-20 thousand rupees. 


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