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Your mobile can explode like a bomb, if you keep doing these 5 mistakes, see the details

Smartphones Blast: Exploding smartphones is not new anymore. No matter how expensive or premium the smartphone is, if some mistakes are made in the phone, it can explode. Or the phone may explode. Often due to manufacturing error, the phone can explode. Also sometimes it can explode due to our mistakes. Today we will tell you from this article what exactly causes the phone to explode, what is the exact reason for it. Here we are giving answers to many questions like can phone explosions be avoided if some mistakes are avoided. We make some mistakes unknowingly. We are giving information regarding some mistakes in this regard. Avoiding these mistakes can prevent the phone from exploding. Exploding phones is not simple. It can also cause loss of life. Hence, errors that lead to phone explosions can be prevented in time. Know the details.

Manufacturing fault

This is also a reason for the phone to explode. If there is a manufacturing defect, the phone explodes. If the lithium ion battery supplied in the phone is not properly tested, this malfunction can cause an explosion. This is a normal matter. Cells inside the battery reach high temperatures. After this thermal comes out. It is believed that these explosions are more likely to occur due to short circuits in cheap batteries.


Using a third party charger

This is a normal mistake. Many of us do. Charging the phone with any third party charger can be very dangerous. Third party chargers are always short on that stuff. The handsets that require more. So you can damage the phone with a third party charger. A short circuit may also occur in the phone. So avoid charging any smartphone with a third party charger, keep the original charger of your smartphone with you. It is preferred to use the original charger while charging while traveling or in the office.


Charging overnight

Leaving the phone on the charger overnight is very dangerous. Many of us are used to it. They sleep by charging the phone overnight. Leaving the phone charging overnight will drain the phone’s battery. Excessive charging may damage the phone. The phone is more likely to explode. Overcharging the phone can cause problems like overheating, overcharging, short-circuit. Many smartphones now come with a single chip. When the battery level reaches 100 percent, it interrupts the current. But, this facility is not available in these old phones.


Do not expose the phone to heat or sunlight

Excessive heat can damage the phone’s battery. This makes the cells a bit unstable. Exothermic breakdown also occurs. It releases gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Then the phone may explode. Be it a smartphone of any company. Or no matter how expensive the smartphone is. But, keeping that smartphone in the sun or heat for a long time can be dangerous. So avoid keeping the smartphone in such a place for a long time.

User error

Users often keep the smartphone in the sun or heat. User mistakes can also cause the phone to explode. So all users need to be alert. For example Realme 5 had an explosion at that time. While the user was riding his motorcycle. After investigation, the company claimed that an external force was responsible for the phone exploding. Therefore, we should stay away from external force of any kind.

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