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Your messages are being read on WhatsApp without reading it! Private video and chat being monitored

WhatsApp Crime:  If you run WhatsApp and you are constantly seeing that all the messages that come on the account are being read before reading and if you are thinking of it as an internet problem, then you should not forget this mistake. have to do. In fact, if this happens, do not use your Whatsapp account and send a message to your relatives and friends and say that do not share any personal thing on it. Today we are going to tell you about why we are saying this. 

If you feel that your messages on WhatsApp are being read before reading them and you are not getting a chance to read it, then it is a matter of concern because you should understand that your account has been hacked. Actually nowadays hackers have come up with a new way, in this new way your entire chatting gets opened on the smartphone, he can open it on his laptop too. In this, whenever a message comes on your account, it is straight, it starts showing on the hackers’ device.

In what way are hacking done?

Let us tell you that whatsapp-web is such a method that has become a means of hacking and due to this users are becoming victims of hacking. This method is very effective and hackers are using it Darshan Hacker Sapne scans the WhatsApp barcode on your device and then your chat starts appearing on whose account it is. In this way, you do not have to let anyone scan the barcode of your account and if you do this then your WhatsApp account will be hacked.

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