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Your kids are deleting the search history of the smartphone, what do they see?

Parents are concerned about what their children are seeing on the Internet. If you are also worried about this, an app can help you. With this you can easily find out where and what the child is watching on the phone. Children insist on only one thing and parents lose in front of it. That is smartphones, kids get used to sticking to smartphones. This upsets the parents. Kids access YouTube, WhatsApp and many other apps as soon as the phone is in their hands. If the child is in front, fine. But, when children are alone with the phone, there is no way to know what the children do on the phone. An app can help you in this case. With the help of the app you can easily find out where and what the child is watching on the phone.

The phone can also be locked

Phone lock can also be done: If your child is using smartphone all night, you can lock your child’s phone with the help of this app. Once locked, your children will not be able to use the smartphone without your permission.

You can find the location: Parents are most concerned about where their children are. With this app you will be able to know where your children are at any given time. All you have to do is set the location mode on the app. Where is the child at what time? You can easily track the location

Set a time limit

Set a time limit: Nowadays children spend their time on smartphones. As such, they are somehow addicted to smartphones. It can be said that. If your child has a habit of sticking to a smartphone, you can take this help. You can set a time limit. The app has the option to set a time limit. Once the time limit is set, the child’s smartphone will be locked and you will not be able to use your phone for longer than required.

The app will keep an eye on the movements


Monitor every movement: The app will tell the children how long they have been on the smartphone. Details of what app your kids are using will also be available on the Family Link app. If the child has installed and deleted any app, its details will also be visible to you.

Apps can be banned: If an app is unnecessary in your child’s smartphone, you can ban it from your phone. Suppose a child installs an app from the Play Store, then you can ban it from your phone.

Watch the app

Watch the app: Nowadays kids are so smart that they even delete search history. So that parents do not know what we are seeing. Google has created the Google Family app to help kids use the Internet properly. If your child is a teenager or teenager, you can create rules for using the Internet on the Family Link app. You can install this app on your child’s phone and keep access to yourself.

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