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Your Khata TV will be controlled with touch! This device of only Rs 529 will help if you lose the remote

New Delhi. Smart TV has now replaced the traditional TV. These televisions are also controlled remotely. But sometimes there is a problem with their remote, due to which it becomes difficult to control the TV. When the Smart TV is installed and connected to Wi-Fi, the virtual keyboard is used for the entire process. Because the TV remote does not have many buttons. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to operate the virtual keyboard from the remote at times.

To overcome this problem of yours, there is such a device in the market which can remove your problem. This is a wireless touchpad keyboard. It connects easily with TV. Well, nowadays there are many apps that help you to connect your phone to TV. But in televisions that do not have this feature, this touchpad keyboard comes in handy. Through this you can easily control your TV.

Available on Amazon:
There are several wireless touchpad keyboards available on Amazon that connect to your TV. Not only this, they also connect with your Android TV box, projector, tablet, notebook control. You can also charge them easily.

The Jumpsy Mini Keyboard Wireless with touchpad is listed on Amazon. It can be bought for Rs 529. It has multi functional feature. It has features like QWERTY keyboard, touch pad combo, multimedia control keys. Its design is quite innovative. It comes with rechargeable battery. It is compatible with laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs and tablets. You can connect it with the TV and search for your favorite show by typing it with the keyboard.

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