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Your iPhone will no longer be hacked! Apple is bringing this heart-winning feature, know everything

Apple Lockdown Mode: Apple has recently announced that in the coming months it is releasing a new feature called ‘Lockdown Mode’ which will allow your iPhone, iPad and Apple Mac Pegasus and that Like all dangerous spyware will be saved..

Apple to Roll Out Lockdown Mode to protect iPhones, iPads Macs from Pegasus and Dangerous Spyware: Our Smartphones have made our life very easy but at the same time it also comes with many difficulties. We are talking about cyber crime here, whose cases seem to be increasing with the passing days. There are many such dangerous spyware in the world which is stealing all the data of people today and this includes the name of Pegasus. If you are an iPhone user then we have a good news for you because now your smartphone will not be hacked under any circumstances! This is because Apple is going to release a new Lockdown Mode. What is this ‘Lockdown Mode’, how it works and how to protect your iPhone from being hacked, let us all know.. 

Apple announced the heart-winning feature 

For your information, let us tell you that some time ago, the premium smartphone brand Apple has announced a new feature that will allow the devices of this brand to be safe from dangerous spywares like Pegasus. This feature is ‘Lockdown Mode’ which is being released for iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and MacOS Ventura. 

Your iPhone Won’t Hack Now!

If you are wondering what is this new ‘Lockdown Mode’ of Apple, then let us tell you about it in detail. In Apple’s words, Lockdown Mode is a feature that will give all users of this company ‘extreme optional protection’ from threats and threats from cyber thieves and dangerous spywares. 

How this Lockdown Mode works 

Let us tell you that this new ‘Lockdown Mode’ from Apple is a privacy tool designed to fight spywares working for the government like Pegasus. In a blog post, the smartphone maker has explained that with the help of this feature, iPhones, iPads and Apple Macs become strict in terms of privacy and security and restrict some functionalities of the device. 

If this feature is enabled, it will block access to services like messaging, web browsing and FaceTime-calls. Also, wired connections with computers or any other accessories are also blocked. The device cannot even enroll in Mobile Device Management (MDM) when ‘Lockdown Mode’ is turned on. 

Apple can roll out this ‘Lockdown Mode’ by September 2022. 

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